Company Profile ——

Zhejiang Zhongbo Lighting Co., Ltd. is a high-tech photovoltaic enterprise Insigma Technology Holdings, the registered capital of 63 million 263 thousand and 333 yuan, the production base covers an area of nearly 5000 square meters. The company has complete production and research equipment, a number of leading patent technology and excellent management team, specializing in ultra high brightness, high-power LED lighting applications research and development, production and marketing. Based on the leading proprietary technology, the company has the leading domestic technology and stable market share in the wireless control integrated high-power LED lighting products and modular integrated high-power LED lighting products. At present, the company's LED products are widely used in daily lighting, display, lighting project, landscape engineering, stage effect, tunnel lamp, lamp and other industries, and has completed the municipal street, urban landscape, landscape and other projects outside the bank.
With the rapid development of LED lighting industry, there are many problems, such as lack of industry standards, weak ability of independent R & D and low degree of product innovation. Many problems need to be led and promoted by industry leading enterprises.
Research and development of core technologies, advanced technology and industrialization of key technologies, Zhejiang Bo Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the development of semiconductor lighting industry in the middle reaches of the continuous improvement in the ability of independent innovation and breakthrough in core technology, to promote their own scale of development, innovation driven industry structure adjustment, the establishment of industry standard and core technology to assist the relevant departments, and the cultivation of strategic new industries.
With the wide application and rapid development of LED, the company will uphold the "integrity and pragmatic, cooperation and win-win" business philosophy to forge ahead and continue to strengthen technological innovation and internal management, and strive to become the industry leader in technology, product competitiveness strong leader!