2016 China (Zhejiang) LED Lighting Industry Innovation Forum was held, Zhongbo won the third prize f

2016-09-09 10:43

The annual provincial lighting industry event - 2016 China (Zhejiang) LED Lighting Industry Innovation Forum and Lighting Industry Chain Selection and Supporting Meeting was held on September 8 in Xikou, Fenghua. Li Jingning, director of the technical installation department of Zhejiang Economic and Information Commission, Ling Yingming, chairman of Zhejiang Lighting Association, and Chen Yansheng, chairman of China Lighting Association delivered speeches for the forum respectively. The forum was centered on the theme of "exploiting new ideas, opening up new markets, and developing new products", and invited 16 experts or industry leaders from industry-leading enterprises, universities, scientific research institutions, and industry organizations to give speeches and reports, attracting hundreds of More professionals learn to discuss.

In the morning, Hua Ming, Secretary-General of Zhejiang Lighting Association, announced the 2015 award-winning list of outstanding new products, new technologies and new materials in the industry. After many rounds of competition and inspection, the ZB-LDHV-003 LED street light submitted by our company won the third prize.

ZB-LDHV-003 LED street light is the main lamp developed by Zhongbo Optoelectronics for the 10-year contract energy management project. It has the advantages of high light efficiency, low light decay, long life, and dimmable light. It is a high-quality outdoor high-power energy-saving lighting. The products have been used in many roads in Binjiang District, Hangzhou City.