"Hangzhou Chief Technician"-Zhejiang Zhongbo Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. Hong Jian

2019-11-06 10:50

Congratulations! Yuhang, the "chief technician in Hangzhou" is so good!


Hong Jian of Zhejiang Zhongbo Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., a professional qualified maintenance electrician, and the leader of the district-level skill master studio. Hangzhou Chief Technician, Hangzhou High-level Talent Category E, Hangzhou "Hundreds and Tens of Thousands" High-skilled Leading Talents (Excellent Skilled Talents), Yuhang Craftsmen, etc. The comrade has been working in the electrical engineering industry for 18 years, and in 2018, he joined the Hangzhou artisan training group to study in Finland. Now he is the director of the company's process equipment department, focusing on technical research and development, technical improvement and quality research of equipment and products.


Participate in the project

■ Participate in the national high-tech research and development 863 project - research and development and demonstration of high-efficiency intelligent integrated high-power LED outdoor lamps. The chip on the research board increases the luminous flux of the whole lamp, reduces the thermal resistance layer, and transfers the heat of the light source to the heat dissipation fins; the self-developed optical lens has higher light efficiency and more reasonable lighting area; the self-made power drive greatly improves The life of lamps and lanterns, can supply higher power lamps, etc.;