Chengde High-tech Zone makes every effort to build a new support for transformation and leap-forward

2014-01-14 10:29

2013 is the first year for Chengde High-tech Zone to be upgraded to a national high-tech zone. Standing at a new historical starting point, the park aims to "rebuild a new Chengde", highlighting the "accelerated construction of Chengde New City and the accelerated gathering of high-tech industries". , The happiness index of urban and rural residents continues to improve” three major tasks, and fight the four tough battles of “opening project construction, infrastructure development, breaking financing bottlenecks, and improving the development environment”, and solidify the core area of new city construction and high-tech industries. The six orientations of gathering area, system reform experimental area, opening and innovation pilot area, scientific development demonstration area, and social harmony first good area, focusing on promoting investment attraction and accelerating the implementation of projects, accelerate the rise of new cities and achieve leapfrog development.

Chengde High-tech Zone changed the idea of relying solely on the government to develop parks in the past, and entrusted professional investment promotion agencies to attract investment. In 2013, intermediaries facilitated the establishment of cooperative relations between Chengde High-tech Zone and Shenzhen Six Star Group, Hangzhou Yigao Group, Hong Kong Tsinghua Tongfang and other listed companies.

Through investment promotion, a number of projects are taking root and blooming in Chengde High-tech Zone. Since 2013, Chengde High-tech Zone has signed a foreign-funded project, namely Six Star Group International Automobile Ecological Culture Industrial Park, and zero-defect master alloy production line for aerospace, Chengde Park of National University Science and Technology Park of Hebei University of Technology, and Peking University Information Technology Innovation Research 7 domestic-funded projects including Chengde R&D Center, with a total investment of 7.4 billion yuan. In addition, the park and Zhongbo Optoelectronics integrated high-power wireless control LED lighting products northern base, CCCC park infrastructure construction and land first-level development and consolidation, Tsinghua Tongfang Technology Incubation Industrial Park, Yigao Health Park and other projects have reached cooperation intentions , is being actively followed up.

At present, Chengde High-tech Zone has initially cultivated five leading industries of intelligent instrumentation, new materials, equipment manufacturing, biomedicine and green food. Among them, Jingfukang Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. was selected as a key high-tech enterprise of the National Torch Program, which is the first key high-tech enterprise of the National Torch Program in Chengde City.

According to the idea of "focusing on nodes for service industry projects and industrial parks for industrial projects", Chengde High-tech Zone focuses on projects with strong operability and enhances project reserves. In the service industry, speed up the planning and construction of schools, hospitals, and commercial complex projects; in the industry, in line with the principles of land intensification and service maximization, speed up the planning of intelligent industrial parks, biopharmaceutical industrial parks, and equipment manufacturing industrial parks and construction, and realize the industrialization of industrial real estate. 12 construction projects are expected to start in 2014. A few days ago, Chengde High-tech Zone signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with the National Construction Group with a total investment of 6.1 billion yuan. The National Construction Group will invest in the construction of infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, tunnels, and flood control embankments in the park in the form of BT, and fund the implementation of 3 districts. The primary development of nearly 11,000 mu of land will be the largest financing project for infrastructure construction and primary land development in Chengde High-tech Zone so far. The implementation of the project will effectively break the bottleneck of funds, speed up the first-level development of land and the construction of supporting infrastructure, and comprehensively accelerate the development and construction of Chengde High-tech Zone. Source: China High-tech Industry Herald